Meet the Team: Roger Richman

We are pleased to welcome Roger to the team to kick off our new Meet The Team series! Having previously worked with us for six years a few years ago, he has recently returned to the company. Roger knows how we operate here at APC London Market and he has a wealth of knowledge about Lloyd’s and the London market.

As Broking Manager, Roger will be responsible for new business broking, renewals and liaising with insurers and brokers. Along with the team, Roger will be working on growing the business in not only the United Kingdom, but also Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

We asked Roger a few quick questions, so you can get to know him and what he does day-to-day.

Meet The Team Q&A
How long have you been in the Insurance industry?
Almost 10 years now.

What excites you most about the industry?
The insurance landscape is continuously changing, and right now it is Insurtech that is driving innovation, making the previously uninsurable insurable. For instance, technology has created new distribution channels for micro-insurance solutions to provide coverage for low-income households in developing countries, where insurance penetration has been low for decades.

What are you looking forward to most re-joining the team here at APC London Market?
I love the culture of the company; everyone is like an extended family member at APC London Market.

What is your go-to working from home productivity tip?
I would suggest designating a separate space to work from and to be most productive. For me, there needs to be a clear separation between my workspace and my personal space.

What are your predictions for the insurance market in 2021?
I would say the future of insurance, and this is not just necessarily my prediction for 2021 is that the progress of many insurers and intermediaries alike will very much be driven by technology; data-driven insurance, new tech means that insurers can utilise big data more effectively.

Cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS) ties in heavily into this as we move into a more agile working environment. Insurers and intermediaries will have access to new and innovative software applications that will enable them to make the most of big data and to enhance their engagement with their customers in an increasingly tech-driven society.

Automation and machine learning technologies will become even more prevalent as more data is fed to AI software to analyse, the more aware it will become of emerging patterns and industry trends improving accuracy and efficiency particularly in underwriting and fraud identification.

Lastly, cybersecurity is a hot topic right now, with the rise of blockchain technology, insurers will be able to create smart contracts which operate automatically and will enable insurers greater security with regards to tracking claims for instance.

Do you own any pets?
I own one dog, Rufio (as in from The Lost Boys), suffice to say…he does not listen.

Where is your hometown?

What is your favourite place to hang out in London (pre/post lockdown)?
Black Rock Whisky Bar in Finsbury and Blackheath Common.

What is your favourite song of all time?
Always a tough question, but without fail anything from the Motown era.

What are you currently watching (on Netflix, tv)?
Currently watching Prison Break, How To Get Away with Murder and Lupin.

Any random facts about yourself?
I am mad about motorcycles but horribly accident prone, I went through 3 bikes in 3 years… I no longer ride for everybody’s sake.

To discuss Broking enquiries with APC London Market, contact Roger and he will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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